Devon extends Garden City South field production in Mitchell County

IHS, Energy News on Demand, Sept. 16, 2014

Devon Energy Production has completed a horizontal Wolfcamp/Cline shale well nearly nine miles south of Colorado City, Texas, in Mitchell County (RRC Dist. 8).

The 2H Wulfjen (API 42-335-35862) was tested pumping 135 bbls of 32° oil, 1,000 cu ft of gas and 955 bbls of water per day from fracture-treated perforations at 7548-11,781 ft in the Cline. The 11,900-ft Garden City South field well was drilled from a surface location in section 7, block 13, H&TC RR Co, A-194. The horizontal leg bottomed a mile southeast in section 8. True vertical depth is 7279 ft. Five-and-a-half-inch casing is set on bottom.

Nearly two miles to the northeast, Devon Energys 1H Wulfjen was completed in early 2013 pumping 264 bbls of 40° oil, 111,000 cu ft of gas and 3,385 bbls of water through acid- and fracture-treated perforations at 7720-14,448 ft. Log tops included the Wolfcamp at 3942 ft and Cline shale at 7161 ft (7084 ft tvd). The horizontal leg bottomed to the south-southeast. During the first half of 2014, the Garden City South field well produced 3,911 bbls of oil and 5.7 million cu ft of gas. Since coming onstream in late March, 2013, the 14,521-ft (7253 tvd) well has produced 19,574 bbls of oil and 23.6 million cu ft of gas from the Wolfcamp.

Prior to drilling its 2H Wulfjen, Devon had permitted an offset to the No. 1H. Also named the 2H Wulfjen, the location was abandoned.

Production in the Mitchell County portion of Garden City South field comes solely from nine Devon Energy wells that, as of late June, have produced a cumulative 140,655 bbls of oil and 241.4 million cu ft of gas.